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Be You. Just 1% Better Daily!

Better Daily is the place where anyone can undertake an extraordinary journey –

Becoming everything YOU were made to be.

What would happen in your life if you could actually achieve BETTER?

Through the consistent challenge of 4 fundamental disciplines –INTEGRITY, GRIT, GROWTH, and AWE – our coaching and community brings out the best in our members and clients daily – 1% Better. Daily!

At Better Daily, we believe that while perfection is impossible, BETTER is always possible.

No matter your goals:

  • Getting Healthier
  • Improving Mental Health
  • Losing Weight
  • Shaping Physique
  • Elevating Energy
  • Training For Success
  • Outgrowing Bad Habits
  • Optimizing Diet
  • And More!

When you have a good Coach in your corner and surround yourself with a Community that aims up – you can rise to the Challenge of BETTER!

Who knows who you could be if you could actually become 1% Better. Every. Single. Day?

We can’t wait to find out!The Betterment Co. Logo - #My1Percent #BetterDaily

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Better Together

The Better Daily app is your gateway to everything in the Better Daily community. Within the app, you’ll find:

  • Libraries of exclusive and scientifically-proven health and fitness content, including workout programs, meal plans, and helpful tips and tricks.
  • Intelligent direction and encouragement with certified trainers, caring nutritionists, and qualified health coaches on every thread.
  • Live support with professionally-led workshops and events.
  • Powerful connections with real people who are also working to improve themselves without the distracting elements of normal social media.
  • Real changes made possible with psychologically-proven community challenges!
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The Better Daily Podcast/Shortcast offers personal coaching and support to keep you motivated and on track with your personal wellness journey. The Shortcasts offer 7- to 15-minute episodes that bring practical information to help you get facts, not fads. You’ll also find uplifting messages to support your personal journey toward your better self. From Mindset Mondays to Flex Fridays, as well as longer interviews with health and fitness experts each week, every episode is immediately applicable to you and helps you make real progress toward your goal of 1% Better. Daily.

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Your first 1%

Start your journey strong!

Our Jumpstart package gives you a leg up on your Betterment goals with 7 full days of personalized exercise and nutrition coaching from the Founder of The Betterment Co. and coach of 17 years, Alex VanHouten. This super-discounted bundle of coaching would be nearly $1000 if the elements were purchased separately, but it’s yours for just $299!

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About Us

bringing individuals and communities to
the next level – body, mind, and spirit.

The Betterment Co. is a health, wellness and fitness coaching company that improves the world by bringing individuals and communities to the next level – body, mind, and spirit. We support the daily betterment of individuals through authentic community, fun challenges, practical content, and superior coaching.

Alex Van Houten is the engine that fuels The Betterment Co. Coach Alex has been coaching for 17 years with a team that includes a registered dietitian and a stellar community of clients and members in Better Daily. Alex completed his undergraduate degree at Vanderbilt University in 2010 with a pre-Med concentration in Chemistry and Psychology. He also holds health coaching and personal training certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and The Institute For Integrative Nutrition.

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