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Powerful, positive, uplifting
Surround yourself with like minded individuals committed to shaping a better future for their personal health and fitness with a long haul perspective by making small incremental changes daily. Coach Alex puts his considerable experience to work helping you be better daily.


Great stuff!
Love all the knowledge and how-to advice of this show. Grateful to Better Daily for being a lifeline for my health and fitness.


Better Daily Podcast
Informative, well-researched, and knowledgeable host. Each episode’s information is backed by science and is delivered in a way that encourages a sustainable lifestyle — no fads or temporary fixes, and u can tell coach Al cares sincerely for his audience. I would encourage everyone to give it a listen and see how a commitment to doing 1% better daily can change your life for the better


Better Daily Podcast
These quick to the point one subject podcasts are spectacular. They are extremely informative. Coach Alex knows his topics well and shares what he knows. He’s been my physical coach, nutritionist and life coach for 12 years. I recommend him often. Better Daily podcast is a tool you can use to become the best version of yourself


Great content!
Alex is incredible at helping folks understand complex biomechanics/metabolism and converting it into something that can be used. A must listen for people trying to improve their physical/mental well-being!


Excellent Upgrade!
This has taken the platform to the Better Daily program next level and separates it from the wanna-be’s. The ease of navigation and pathways to specific categories has greatly simplified accessing this vast catalogue of resources. Well played.
Excited to see it fully populated!


A community of like-minded individuals
These days health and wellness isn’t a priority to most. But here we have a community who knows their health and wellness has to matter. If you need to be surrounded by others who are striving to do what’s best for themselves and their family, welcome! Encouragement and enlightenment await you!

crocks all of them

Best Coach
This group has changed my life. I have learned so much from Alex. His knowledge is spot on and developed works out that were perfect for me. He listens very well and knows exactly how to help you not only through exercise but also with personal health and eating healthy. This is the first trainer I have found that cares about me as much as the total fitness package he teaches. I would highly recommend him if you really want to learn and change your life for the better. 1% Better every day!


I am getting Better Daily
This app works perfect for me to stay motivated and connect with the Better Daily community without having to go down the rabbit hole of social media. Daily messages along with lots of extras like nutrition and exercises help me be Better Daily.