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You’re Not Done, Yet – Are You?

Hey there,

Coach Alex here.

If you’re reading this, you’re not perfect. But I believe you want to be BETTER than you are right now.

And I believe you can be BETTER.

You know why?

Because I believe every human being has the potential and desire to be BETTER wrapped up inside of them.

Can you feel it?

The question has never been whether or not you’re capable of BETTER or whether or not you want BETTER.

The question is whether or not you’re actually going to do it.

Who you are right now (your health, your weight, your energy level, your pain, etc…) is a result of two things.

Your DNA and your STORY.

You can’t change your DNA. But You CAN Change Your Story!

The health and fitness industries want you to believe that if you could  just eat fewer calories than you burned, took some more snake oil, and spent more hours in the gym, you’d lose some weight, gain some muscle, and feel BETTER about yourself.

Well, how has that worked out for you so far?

Changing your story is a personal process, and can be very difficult!

Your journey doesn’t need a general solution – Those programs and workouts you’ve been trying are not right for you and you know it.

So what are you supposed to do about that?

It’s time to drop the snake oil and calorie counting.

It’s time to see real, lasting progress. 1% BETTER. Daily.

1% BETTER Daily is revolutionizing the health and fitness industries by helping you identify the things in your journey that are big enough to matter but small enough that you can actually do something about them.

It starts by visualizing your BETTER, identifying your WHY, committing to #MY1PERCENT, and finding inspiration where everyone is AIMING UP.

The BETTER Daily Community.

When you start, you’ll enter a place where everyday people transform their lives — without crash-diets, magic powders, or crazy workout programs.

You’ll start being honest with yourself and your group by trading FADS for FACTS.

For instance, did you know that in a landmark meta-analysis of weight loss programs that there are only two scientifically-backed ingredients that bring about transformative results for the long haul?

(1) Consistent Social Support

(2) The Presence Of A Professional Who Cares

At Better Daily, we provide both.

Our community is made up of hundreds of people just like you who are pursuing BETTER, too. Every day you’ll find the encouragement and support you’ll need while becoming and encourager and supporter yourself! Participate in challenges, share your progress, and make new friends so you never feel isolated or alone while learning the Betterment way – 1% BETTER. Daily.

And on the professional front, you’ll have me. 17 years of training experience in a guy who’s using the science and philosophy of BETTER in his own life. I will help you execute the practical steps you can take #MY1PERCENT – despite your obstacles to make the most of YOUR DNA and change your Story for the BETTER.

Let’s do this thing.

You’re Not Done Yet – You’re Just Getting Started!

It’s just 1%…You got this!

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