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Hey there,

Coach Alex here.

If you’re reading this, you want to be BETTER.

And I believe BETTER is possible for you.

You know why?

Because I believe every human being has the potential and desire for BETTER wrapped up inside of them.

Actually, it’s not just a belief. It’s a scientific truth expressed in every one of your cells in the form of your DNA.

It’s a growing field of research called epigenetics. But before I can help you with that, I have to level with you first.

BETTER in your life is going to take 3 things (this is also science).




We at the Betterment Co. can help you with Community and Coaching, but the will to take on the Challenge?

That’s going to have to come from you.

And in that spirit, here is your first Challenge.

Can you spend the next 3 minutes reading this whole letter in one sitting?

If not, you’re not ready for BETTER.

It’s ok to come back later when you are ready.

As a Coach in the Better Daily Community I have many things I can do to help on your journey, but from my 17 years of experience I know that if you cannot complete the Challenge of reading these words all the way through with skipping, scrolling or clicking on by, then nothing else I can teach you about BETTER is going to matter right now.

Still with me?


Now, as I was saying–

Who we see when we look in the mirror (health status, fat and muscle mass, energy levels, pain experience, fitness abilities, etc…) is a result of two things.

Our DNA and our STORY.

Both science and common sense teach us that while no one can change their DNA. Anyone CAN Change Their Story!

The health and fitness industries want us to believe that if we could just eat fewer calories than we burned, took some more snake oil, and spent more hours in the gym, we’d lose some weight, gain some muscle, and feel BETTER about ourselves.

How has that worked out for us so far?

Well, as a population, we’re fatter, sicker, and poorer than we have been in 30 years.


Well, changing our story is a very personal process, and can be very difficult!

Our individual journey can’t be solved by a general solution – Those programs and workouts we’ve been trying are not right for us and we know it.

So what are we supposed to do about that?

It’s time to drop the snake oil and calorie counting and focus on real, lasting results.

It’s time to make the most of our DNA by changing our STORY.

It’s time to begin a journey toward BETTER.

1% BETTER. Daily.

Alright, you’ve made it halfway through this first Challenge! Hang with it!

1% BETTER Daily is revolutionizing the health and fitness industries by helping individuals identify the things in our journey that are big enough to matter but small enough that we can actually do something about them.

This is what we call the #My1Percent journey. #My1Percent is the unique and important improvement in our lives that can change our story (mindset) while unlocking the potential wrapped up in our DNA (adaptation).

We do this by Starting Strong in a Community where everyone is aiming up and inspires us to do the same.

Then we get connected with a Coach who believes in us and won’t settle for less than our best effort.

And with those resources we Challenge ourselves to go after #My1Percent Every Single Day!

When you join, you’ll enter a place where everyday people are transforming their lives in extraordinary ways — without crash-diets, magic powders, or crazy workout programs.

You’ll get inspired to let go of things that are holding you back!

You’ll get motivated to start things that will move you forward!

You’ll get a chance to replace FADS about nutrition, exercise, and mindset for FACTS about real life from real science.

For instance, did you know that in a landmark meta-analysis of weight loss programs found that there are only two scientifically-backed ingredients that bring about transformative results for the long haul?

(1) Consistently Positive Social Support

(2) The Presence Of A Professional Who Cares

In other words, no matter what diet was executed, no matter what exercise program recommended, no matter what supplements taken, and no matter what mindset developed — all transformation Challenges are doomed to failure unless they were accompanied by two things.

Community and Coaching.

Does that sound familiar?

The Challenge of Transformation coupled with Good Coaching And Strong Community is what ACTUALLY WORKS to change our story!

Better Daily is the best online resource to inspire you to meet the Challenge of your BETTER with the guidance of a Good Coach and the support of a Strong Community all under the scientifically-backed philosophy of the #My1Percent journey!

Our Community is made up of hundreds of people who are pursuing BETTER, too. Every day we find amazing encouragement and support while becoming BETTER encouragers and supporters ourselves!

We share our wins and struggles while growing on the #My1Percent journey.

On the Coaching front, you’ll have me. 17 years of nutrition, exercise, and psychology experience in a guy who uses the science and philosophy of the #My1Percent journey to achieve BETTER in his own life.

While there are a several different levels of my Coaching services to help you with the Challenges of your BETTER – you can start your #My1Percent journey FOR FREE in our Better Daily Community.

As a FREEMIUM member of Better Daily, I am committed to Coaching you through Community Challenges to help you make the most of YOUR DNA and change your Story for the BETTER.

You made it to the end of the text! Congratulations!

Challenge #1 Complete!

Maybe you do have what it takes to make a go of this #My1Percent journey right now…

Are you ready for Challenge #2?

Join the Better Daily Community and complete the #StartStrongChallenge. 

It’s not too hard. But it isn’t easy, either.

I hope to see you on the other side!

Until then, remember – It’s just 1%…

You got this!

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