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Meet Franklin, The Grittiest Guy I Know.

Franklin is my kind of people.

He was stubborn enough to beat brain cancer.
And he’s stubborn enough to live life in the aftermath.

I love this kid.
He gives me a hope that’s hard to explain.

Here Franklin’s in our living room ready to fight me with his carrot as if it were a sword! 

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What Is GRIT?

In common parlance, GRIT is the discipline of sticking with things even – and especially – when they get difficult.

Endurance, stubbornness, and persistence all enable this discipline.

GRIT is something that we can practice daily through mindset, nutrition, and exercise to reveal to ourselves that we are actually made of sterner stuff than we know.

Physically, mentally, and spiritually, GRIT is the discipline of getting back up when we get knocked down, holding on when we want to let go, and continuing to do what we know is right long after motivation has faded and the pain of doing the right thing has beat us into a weary pulp.

The 1% associated with GRIT in Better Daily helps us to dig deeper, fight harder, and find new reserves of energy that we didn’t know existed.

To “stick with it” despite the many reasons there may be to give up.

Through the practice of the discipline of GRIT we strive dependably and powerfully forward.

And in that striving we find that our struggle encourages others do the same.

Paul said it in his earliest letters this way:
“Do not grow weary in doing good – for in the end, we will reap the harvest if we do not give up” AND “We rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope”

GRITTY people — Like Franklin – give us HOPE for the future.

You can be one of them.
And if you actually had the stubbornness to read through this whole page (most don’t), you’re well on your way!

Join Me, The Apostle Paul, And Franklin By Being GRITTY!

Coach Alex On GRIT:

“These are some actions that will help you achieve BETTER through GRIT.”


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#GRIT is the discipline of doing hard things without giving up.

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