GROWTH is the discipline of seeking out that which is stressful, uncomfortable, even impossible, and diving headlong into overcoming it.

The discipline of GROWTH hinges on the time-tested process of adaptation that is built right into every one of our cells – the ability to meet the challenges of our environment not by making them less, but by building ourselves into something more.

GROWTH is choosing the hard road precisely because it is hard and teaching our mind and body their limits while stretching ourselves beyond them for the good.

The 1% associated with GROWTH in Better Daily challenges us to dream big, make progress, and see ourselves as capable of constant improvement — proving the vision of BETTER fundamentally true.

Through practice of the discipline of GROWTH we learn not to stagnate by regularly unlocking new potential!

“The righteous will grow like a cedar tree – even in old age they bear fruit and stay fresh and green” – Psalms 92:12-14

Young or old – it’s never too late for GROWTH!

Coach Alex On GROWTH:

“These are some actions that will help you achieve BETTER through GROWTH.”


Sufficient Quality Rest

Adequate Protein Consumption

Regular Weight Training

Intentional Progressive Overload

Good Workout Nutrition

Heat Therapy


Growth is the discipline of overcoming obstacles.

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