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What Is Integrity?

On a surface level, INTEGRITY is the discipline of making our actions match our beliefs.

A deeper practice of INTEGRITY, though, requires an honest evaluation and alignment of the beliefs we hold so that we are “Integral” – from the root word “Integer” meaning “

INTEGRITY is the discipline that unites us within ourselves toward a singular purpose.

INTEGRITY improves when we are honest with ourselves and with others.
Fully put-together in mind and body so that no parts of us are acting in counter purposes to ourselves. We do what we say not as a force of will but because of who we are.

What we believe is aligned with how we act.

The 1% associated with INTEGRITY in Better Daily gives us the opportunity to be honest with ourselves, develop beyond limiting beliefs, and bring our external self to reflect our internal self.

Through the practice of the DISCIPLINE of INTEGRITY we forge a solid foundation for our mind and body. Rather than allowing ourselves to be those built on a shaky foundation, we build ourselves on a rock.
And when the storms come – and they always do –

We do not fall.

Coach Alex On INTEGRITY:

“These are some actions that will help you achieve BETTER through INTEGRITY.”


Consistent Conditioning

Honest Food Journaling

Intentional Habit Change

Good Mindset Material

Food Quality Improvement

Earning Your Carbs

Smart Supplementation

Body Composition Analysis


#integrity is the discipline of aligning your actions and your beliefs.

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